We are an organization that manages and promotes productive, profitable and sustainable forestry activities, aimed at the economic development of local communities and the consolidation of the sector in both the domestic and the international markets.

Notice of Convocation
Extraordinary General Meeting

Shareholders of BR ARBO Gestão Florestal S.A., we summon you to the Meeting on April 5, 2024, at 2:00 PM (Brasília time), both in person and digitally via Microsoft Teams. On the agenda: CEO’s resignation, the establishment of the Board of Directors, the amendment of the Association’s Articles, and other matters. We count on your participation!

CCB Audit

The Mejuruá Project, led by BR ARBO FOREST MANAGEMENT S.A., seeks CCB certification, validating its commitment to environmental preservation and the sustainable advancement of local communities.

Carbon Project Audit

The carbon credit audit took place in Carauari during October 2023, bringing to life our Mejuruá Carbon Credit Project . The future has begun.

Activities and Operations

We operate in the sustainable management of tropical forests, focusing on the responsible extraction and marketing of inputs with strict international certifications.

Supply of Materials

We manage areas with a great diversity of tropical wood species, both hardwood and softwood, used for the production of furniture, flooring, panels, among others. See the list of some of the types provided.

Expansion and Improvements

We develop operations of excellence, in line with the most demanding global standards. We promote collaboration between local and international efforts, based on a serious expansion plan.

Certifications and International Standards

Improvement and adaptation initiatives affirm our commitment to sustainable management. We operate in line with the UN’s 2030 agenda action plan and have already achieved PEFC certification and currently working on achieving other international certifications, as recognition for good practices.

Operational Innovation

Technology and innovation are involved in all our operational processes, optimizing results and generating value at each step. Through transparent practices, research, and sustainable management resources, we heat up the sector, promoting the development of the entire production chain.

Efforts towards International Collaboration

We inspire confidence by revitalizing the segment in which we operate. We enter into responsible partnerships to collaborate and join forces in sustainable development, with international projection and for the benefit of the local economy.

Environmental, Social, and Economic Commitment

We seek to promote responsible and productive activities, capable of generating growth opportunities to be distributed equitably in favor of the environment, communities and economic development.

Strengthening the production chain

In addition to management operations, manufacturing initiatives are planned for the coming years, including the processing and manufacture of wood panels, drying kilns, fruit growing and energy generation, benefiting neighboring communities.

Territorial extension

The area is extended for 903,000 hectares (9030 km²), which can be compared to three times the size of Hong Kong.

Location of the managed area

Our reserve is located in the State of Amazonas, near the city of Carauari, close to the Juruá River. It is accessible either by waterways or by airplane, with public plans also to expand to highways. The Port of Gavião and Cubiçado, with a depth of up to 13 meters, is located within our area of extension.

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